MOON Wisdom – Welcome Yourself To Womanhood!


Welcome Your "Inner Girl" to the Circle of Women.

Reclaim Your Own First Menstruation as a Powerful Life Passage!

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  • Were you celebrated when you came of age? Were you welcomed when you got your first period?
  • Were you advised by elders who introduced you to the mystery of your cycles, and honored you as a bringer of life to the community?
  • Were you told about the rhythm of your month, so you could care for yourself and anticipate your monthly changes?
  • Were you reassured about your body and emotions, and supported with everything you might need?
  • Were you initiated into the magical connection between women and the moon?

"Hidden Treasures" by Richard Schmid

Coming of Age is a magical time, a major life passage, yet most of us were never welcomed into womanhood! We may have been given basic information, with the best of intentions, but never celebrated or honored.

This is a "missing piece" for most of us, and it doesn't just "go away." Our inner needs are still there, awaiting our attention.

Our Inner Girl is still craving the attention she needed when she went through the threshold of puberty. Returning to her now, and honoring her experience, can be deeply healing.



I’m Barbara Hanneloré, and I’ve been studying Womb Wisdom for 25 years. Long ago, I learned that there is a powerful rhythm of nature within women that allows us to stay in touch with deep, nourishing aspects of ourselves - ­the parts of ourselves that know what to do. The parts of ourselves that are connected to nature, to the moon and tides, and to primal forces that we feel in our blood and bones! This traditional wisdom has been passed down through countless generations of women, but it has been cast aside in modern times. No wonder we are struggling! When I realized what a loss this is for women, and the profound difference it will make for us to find these “roots” again, I became committed to sharing, and showing YOU how to access these simple tools and truths, as well!

Barbara, in all the years I've been menstruating, there's never been a voice that speaks like you speak. There's been no one to say, 'This is what's happening to you, in any kind of meaningful way.'"

Stephanie Dawn, Women’s Health Advocate, Los Angeles

Our first periods were most likely embarrassing, and viewed as a burden. We were taught to keep them hidden; something to tolerate and try to ignore.

We've been given such poor information about our cycles. No wonder we have a hard time with them!

How you came of age sets the stage for everything that comes after. It has affected the way you experience your cycles, and it will affect the way you approach your daughter's coming of age, as well.

It's time to welcome our Inner Girl into the circle, reassure and celebrate her, so we can fully integrate our cycles into our lives. They are powerful - in a GOOD way!

  • Would you like to give yourself a sweet ceremony, to honor your "inner girl's" passage across the threshold of menarche?
  • Would you love to enter a "Virtual Red Tent," settle in on imaginary red cushions, sing the songs of sacred sisterhood, hear inspiring stories, and Welcome Yourself into Womanhood?
  • Would you love to realize that there is nothing wrong with you, and feel more comfortable in your body?
  • Would you love to create a powerful new tradition, to heal yourself and share with your daughter?

Join me for five weeks of healing activity that will change the way you think of your period, and your female experience, forever.

This Program is for you if you:

  • Would like to honor Coming of Age for the girl you once were, in a way your family was most likely unable to do,
  • Would like to re-create the messages that you received about menstruation as a girl,
  • Would love to have a better way to model the menstrual cycle for your daughter,
  • Wish to enter our imaginary Red Tent, hear stories, and feel the presence of our ancestors.
  • This is for you, to reach out your hand to your Inner Girl, create a simple ceremony, and honor yourself with a blessing.

Women's self-care is not something that is normal in our world! I am astonished at how many women, when I talk to them about this, honestly see themselves as having low value, with no time for self-care. This is a new field of health. Your class is not only great information, and brand new choices, but SO inspirational. That's what I tell people."

Heather, Therapeutic Riding Academy, TX

This has transformed my cycle and I can’t thank you enough! I used to have debilitating cramps. Now, it is just a bit of downtime, and I actually welcome this time to catch up with myself. I only wish I had known about this easy system, sooner.”

Missy, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco

This honoring of YOU is the topic of Chapter 5 in my book, The Moon and You,

and it is a major feature of my Mother's MOON Kit: Preparing for your Daughter's Coming of Age.

If you never got that support when you were that age, your Inner Girl is STILL feeling the effects, still feeling stranded and alone. Let's welcome her!

I've been to a couple of these ceremonies myself, for my own Inner Girl. It is NEVER too late!

You can give yourself the attention, the messages, and the fun that your Inner Girl craved.

Join me to create a new sense of sisterhood and support for your own memory of coming of age.

Your experience of menstruation and monthly rhythm is not meant to be a burden, a secret, a joke or an embarrassment! It is a treasure, a blessing, and a valuable tool for self-knowledge and self-care.


"There is so much wisdom and so much clarity and light and love right within this very natural and personal thing, but most women are so very cut off from it. I’m just really excited to continue to go deeper and deeper over the next weeks and months and years of my life with this...”


These 5 sessions can be enjoyed from your own favorite chair. Each call will be recorded so that you can return to it later. You will be using the last chapter in my book, The Moon and You, to re-imagine and celebrate a valuable, powerful time in your personal history, and your life as a female!

Coming of Age is such a significant passage, yet it is ignored and demeaned in modern culture,
just as menstruation itself is demeaned…just as women ourselves are demeaned.

It is NEVER too late to give that validation to your inner girl, so that she feels aligned with
the rhythms of nature, and attuned to her sources of intuitive wisdom.


Our time together will include:

  • Inner Child work
  • Creative activities
  • Developing Personal Ritual
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Visualization and Meditation
  • Writing a letter to your Inner Girl, sharing the perspective that you now have
  • A gentle review of first menstruation, with support and celebration of your inner girl
  • Creating a Beautiful Ceremonial Space for your own Welcoming Ritual
  • Creating Our Own Virtual Red Tent
  • Storytelling!

You will also have the ongoing support and access to our private Facebook Group.

Our three main themes:

Embody the Feminine: greet the threshold of puberty as an emergence of the Goddess, with her life-giving powers and creative gifts.

Embrace Your Roots: allow the deep wisdom of women's tradition and nature's guidance to nourish you.

Empower Your Cycle: deepen your magical connection to the moon, and create personal blessings for your month.

This is your birthright to understand and celebrate your own biology
in a way that makes you feel proud.

MOON Wisdom: Welcome Yourself Into Womanhood is $197 for our 5-Week Program.



    • You’ll receive the online PDF version of my book, The Moon and You, and you’ll also get a hard copy of the book mailed to you if you are within the continental US.

    • You are welcome to invite a friend to join you, for half price! Please contact me and we’ll get her Bonus Code sent to her after your enrollment.

    Are you ready to receive the Coming of Age experience that is waiting for you?

    Are you ready to reach out to your Inner Girl with the compassion, perspective and support that you can now offer her?

    Don’t let one more month go by while you struggle with a lack of information and positive support for living in a female body!


    [This change is] in your very posture - you don’t even need to say a word.”


    I am SO glad you are seeking a way to connect with the sources of power within you. I am committed to supporting you, so you can finally connect those missing pieces and create a life that honors your ambition AND your health!

    I learned long ago that an essential source of women’s power had been dismissed in modern times, and I became committed to sharing it, writing about it and welcoming it back into our lives! Our cycles have been demeaned, ignored and misunderstood for far too long! This is the balance our culture so desperately needs - the return of the Feminine - and She emerges through YOU, as you express Her more and more. Welcome to the new paradigm!


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